The Challenge
Help the client to sell 2000 PT Cruisers in stock, during the a very challenging when rumors about Chrysler's finances and the discontinuation of the PT Cruiser were plaguing sales.
The Solution
Embrace PT Cruiser's discontinuation. We created a character called "Teobaldo", a very peculiar Chrysler salesman who was over zealous about who should he sell the last PT Cruiser's too. He vows to just sell  it to those who were really worth it. The problem was, he loved this car so much that nobody seemed to be good enough. There was always a little something to deem every consumer unworthy in his eyes
The Results
Through the most challenging of times, we managed to maintain the PT Cruiser sales steady. The campaign caught on, and beyond the TV spots, we produced print and outdoor, as well as online viral videos.
SPOT 1: Tacky Slang

Consumer comes for a test drive. He  knows everything about the car. Teobaldo likes him and decides he is worthy of testing this beloved machine. However, as the consumer notices he's been approved, the consumer makes a big mistake, hr celebrates using a very tacky outdated expression of excitement.
That's all Teobaldo needed to make his mind. Verdict: "Not Worthy".
SPOT 2: Builders Bum ( pun doesn't really translate, but I had a go bellow )

Another apparently worthy consumer is faced by Teobaldo's scrutiny. The consumer does everything right at first. Teobaldo is almost convinced, but as the consumer bends over to look at the interior, a terrorizing sight kills the sale for teobaldo.

Pun: In Brazil, "Vault" means Builders Bum, so Teobaldo dismisses the consumer telling him he doesn't have the key to this car and there aren't any more cars in the "Vault", when he should be using the word "Store"

SPOT 3: Interrogation

Teobaldo, the peculiar salesman, is in no mood for chit chat, and decides to interrogate this consumer straight away.

T: "Sir, do you still live with your mother by any chance? And if so, does she chooses your underwear"

C: "No, what's going on?"

T: "Do you leave the car outside at night? Do you plan to paint flames on the sides of this car? Do you s? Do you hit the curb when trying to park...?

C: "What's gong on. Oh, I got it, I on Candid Camera right?"

The spot finishes with Teobaldo putting a "Not Worthy" sticker on the consumer.

SPOT 4: Rookie Salesman

Rookie salesman is excited about his first sale. Teobaldo, uneasy, asks if it is a PT Cruiser, the rookie says "Precisely" and start bragging about his sales pitch.
 Teobaldo then inquires if the standard questionnaire was applied, only to find out the consumer was actually a client of the rookie's uncle wig shop, to his despair.

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