Smart half-price - new media + promo - Brazil
Bronze at CannesLions 2009
Gold at El Ojo de Iberoamerica

On a limited budget, communicate to São Paulo drivers one of smart’s main attributes: space usage.


Brazilian students, seniors and special cardholders pay half-price for cultural events. “Paga meia” – pays half-price- is a common jargon. Following this trend, a partnership with large chains of parking garages was established, and we placed signs at the entrances informing: “smart pays half-price.” Parking spaces were split in half, becoming “smart spaces”.


A unique promotion and alternative media, which could be spotted on streets at 106 garages spread all over the city for 3 months. 25.000 drivers were directly impacted daily.
Mercedes-Bens E Class Launch - Outdoor on Helipads
Bronze at El Ojo de Iberoamerica
Sao Paulo is the helicopters capital of the world, with a with a new take off every three minutes. In this scenario, we created the concept “For  Your Eyes Only” and built billboards at helipads, positioned towards the sky, the billboards could only be seen by the country’s most important executives, who fly over the city every day.  This alternative is the only billboard that complies with Clean City law imposed in Sao Paulo, whichOn a limited budget, communicate to São Paulo drivers one of smart’s main attributes: space usage.
Smart Electric Drive - Teaser Outdoor Guerrilla - Sockets
Shortlist CannesLions 2009
Unlike Europe, Brazil still did not  have electric cars being sold or running on the streets and recharging stations are still an alien concept to Brazilians. Therefore, in an unexpected way,  a displaced element was added in the cities landscape. We intentionally used enlarged domestic sockets  and sticked them to electric poles throughout the city, with the copy “smart electric drive is coming”. A strange sensation was created by taking something out of its original context, to make it more relevant.  
Smart - Contains 1 km
Guerrilla using Vallet Parking to show how little fuel smart needs to run for 1 km.
The Brief

Create a low budget solution to promote the launch of smart, reinforcing one of its strongest points: its low fuel consumption.

The Solution

To show how smart is economic, we filled 30 ml glass vials with fake gasoline and labeled them “Contains 1 km. Intelligent, economic.” Our actions took place at valets where we distributed the vials, hanging them on the rearview mirrors of cars with hangtags.
The Results

The public was impressed with the small amount of fuel consumed by smart. In the following weeks, all dealerships received calls about the car that resulted in a 80% rate of positive response to test-drive invitations.
Smart -  Scissors - Guerrilla for Smart Launch in São Paulo
The Brief

A guerilla action to promote the launch of smart, reinforcing one of its strongest selling features for Sao Paulo consumers: the ease in finding a parking space.

The Inspiration

In Sao Paulo, cars are often parked on the border between the permitted and the prohibited parking zones. Many drivers are fined because the trunk or the front of their cars are crossing the designated area.

The Solution

Stickers with crop marks and fake fines were placed on improperly parked vehicles, showing that a smart would fit within the designated space, avoiding the risk of a fine.

The Results

1000 vehicles were pranked. A strong media buzz was created.
An AVP spread to various blogs. smart sales in São Paulo are 100% above Daimler predictions for 2009.
Smart - Clean Graffiti - Guerrilla for Smart Launch in São Paulo
Johnson & Johnson Floss - Cross Merchandising in Supermarkets
Shortlist Canneslions 2004

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