The Challenge:
Communicate the new PT Cruiser price with a low budget TV and online campaign

A PT Cruiser and it's new price will make you smile.
The PT Cruiser is an irreverent car. It is cheerful and nostalgic at the same time. It was designed to be joyful.
With that in mind, we created an animation based on fake statistics about what makes people smile when they are driving.

British scientist have discovered that 20% of the drivers smile when the lights turn green.
45% smile when they see an attractive driver of the opposite sex.
60% smile when they spot a chubby baby on the car nearby.
90% smile when they see a PT Cruiser on the street.
The other 10% haven’t smiled yet, because they are unaware of the price.
PT Cruiser for only 59,900. Go the nearest dealership and start smiling.

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