Smart Launch Brazil
Ambient & Guerrila
Smart Electric Drive is coming.
Smart Energy Teaser
Unlike Europe, Brazil still did not  have electric cars being sold or running on the streets. Therefore, in an unexpected way, a displaced element was added in the cities landscape. We used enlarged domestic sockets  and sticked them to electric poles throughout the city, with the copy “smart electric drive is coming”. 

Contains 1 km - Smarter fuel consumption

Guerrilla using Valet Parking to show how little fuel smart needs to run for 1 km.

Scissors - Smart Parking
In São Paulo, cars are often parked on the border between the permitted and the prohibited parking zones. Many drivers are fined because the trunk or the front of their cars are over the line.
Stickers with crop marks and fake fines were placed on improperly parked vehicles, showing that a smart would fit within the designated space, avoiding the risk of a fine.
1000 vehicles were pranked, creating a strong buzz and high-rate response to test-drive call to action.

Clean Graffiti - Smarter emissions

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